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Great White Sharks in the news -

Freediver rides a great white shark off Mexico

Researcher Kimi Werner trusted instincts shark wouldn't harm her, grabbed dorsal fin

May 14, 2013


Great Shark Kills California Surfer Oct 2012


~Surf Beach, Santa Barbara CA Oct 2012. - The shark probably was mature and at least 15 feet long, said Ralph Collier, a shark attack expert who is founder and president of the Los Angeles-based Shark Research Committee.  Collier said he would know more after meeting with investigators and measuring tooth marks in the victim's surfboard.The surfer, 39-year-old Francisco Javier Solorio Jr. of Orcutt, was bitten in the upper torso in the waters off Surf Beach in Santa Barbara County on Tuesday. He died at the scene despite a friend's efforts to save him. "His friend ended up swimming over and pulling him from the water where he received first aid," sheriff's Sgt. Mark A. Williams said.Francisco Javier Solorio Jr - Surfer Killed Oct 2012 in California by Great White

Friends said Solorio had ridden the waves there since he was a boy. Surf Beach is near Vandenberg Air Force Base. The Air Force said Solorio was not affiliated with the base, which allows public access to some of its beaches.

All beaches on the base's coastline were closed for at least 72 hours as a precaution, Col. Nina Armagno said. Great white sharks are found from tropical to polar regions and are not uncommon up and down the California coast, experts said.

Great white sharks are inquisitive and use smell, vision and taste to identify objects in the water, which can be more difficult if the ocean is churned up or murky, he said. It is likely that the shark that bit Solorio failed to identify the surfer and "struck out at this shape assuming it was a natural prey," Collier said.

"The way it investigates is by taking a gentle bite but unfortunately, what seems like a gentle bite to a shark can cause a devastating injury to a human," Nosal said. Some sharks come closer to shore from around October to January because that is when some of their favorite prey -- nutritious, blubber-rich seals and elephant seals -- are abundant on land, said Sean Van Sommeran, executive director of the Pelagic Shark Research Foundation in Santa Cruz.

"Shark-tober is a phrase we coined," he said. Collier said he has seen sharks as close as 20 feet to beaches. No large seal colonies are near Surf Beach, a locally popular rural area that is known for its treacherous riptides, said Robin Dunaetz, who owns a surf shop in nearby Lompoc.

Since the deadly attack two years, surfers have been aware that sharks may lurk offshore.

Surf board of Francisco Javier Solorio Jr on Surf Beach Santa Barbara CA

Great White Breach Attacks Surfer and fails...

I  recently spoke with Australian surfer and Great White attack survivor Durwin Keg.  Luckily for Durwin, he was luckier than the Great White that attacked him. Here is the story in his own words.....

Durwin Keg with Great White Nose Damage to board

Durwin Keg with his Great White nose dented surf board.

The moment I died on my surfboard, it helped me survive the Great White. For two weeks I had been dreaming of being attacked, we had surfed here 6 times during the previous 2 days, but this morning I waslooking around for a knife to strap to my leg, in 30 years of surfing and around the world I have never thoughtin this way.

It was a beautiful sunny day, waves about 4 feet, I was 200m off shore with 2 mates and 3 more were 20 feet closer in, a pack of dolphins bolted past us, Tim said I wonder if a shark is chasing them, Tim and Ferdy then got a wave in straight away.  I paddled out a little further and sat up, turned my head to the right, noticed a huge dark shape deep in the water, perfectly still, for a split second I thought it was a huge clump of seaweed, then I noticed it moving stealthily slowly sideways to get behind me. I immediately knew what it was and that it was menacingly after me.  

My stomach sank as I knew I was to far out and had absolutely no chance of surviving, I felt so helpless alone and a long long way from land. I knew I only had  seconds before it was going spring up and ambush me from behind and eat me in half. He knew I had spotted  him as I slowly turned around and began paddling, all I wanted was to get to land, and I was already  exhausted from surfing for an hour and a half. I thought if I don’t make a move now I’m gone and there’s no way I’m getting out of this. I was too far out and the waves had stopped it was flat, I turned slowly to face the shore, Mick who was 20 feet further in said he could see pure terror on my face, I did one paddling stroke and the shark realising I spotted him took off like lighting fast under neath me and did a big arc around the back behind me and came up spearing me off my surfboard knocking me into the water, it was so quick I didn’t even have time to yell to Mick “SHARK”. At this point I was wishing I had a Knife, or anything.


Mick said all he could see was a frenzy of water and fins going everywhere and a big grey shape in the water as the shark thrashed around wildly, I pushed, punched and kicked it away from me. I managed to get back on my board and kept paddling. I didn’t take my eyes off him as I watched him go down in front of me and do another huge arc behind me at incredible speed. I was paddling hard and I screamed at Mick and everyone to paddle and get out. I looked behind  me and he was coming straight for me like a missile. He got to about 2 meters away breached the water and came and lifted himself right out of the water, I thought I’ve got to do something quick.

I put myself in the water and used my Surfboard as a shield, he hit me hard and dragged me along spun me around and I some how ended up on its back, still clinging to my board Mick and the others could see me out of the water on my surfboard on his back. He went back down again as I hit the water and kept paddling, my arms and neck felt like concrete. Mick and others who could see said the Shark was almost 3 times wider then me.

He went down again in front of me turned and did another big arc behind me as I paddled hard This time he came beside me on his side looking  at me, I sat up and looked into his eye trying to stay away from him, as he went down again in front of me and preceded to do another arc behind  me.  At this point I gave up I didn’t have the strength to fend him off again, he was going to eat me this time for sure, and resigned myself to the fact that I was dead.


Immediately something dramatic happened, all the panic and fear left my body and I was  filled with peace and euphoria. I had no fear what so ever and calmly but determinedly paddled as he came two  feet behind me, I kept paddling and looking at him calmly waiting for him to eat me in half, he followed me like  that for at least 30 meters, then I watched him veer off. I almost couldn’t believe he let me go, he had me for  all money but didn’t know it. I feel as he followed me he was weighing up wether to attack again, but could smell no fear, and I was not acting wounded and he may hurt himself, shortly I managed to get onto a small wave all the way into shore.


All the people on the beach were standing up watching, my mates came running over to me and couldn’t believe it when I stood they thought for sure that I would be missing my legs as they saw him take me down twice. They said they could not believe how calmly I was paddling with that monster behind me. I have always been in awe and fear of Sharks and now have a new found respect for their size power and  speed first hand, They are the kings of the ocean, I don’t like the killing of sharks or the fish that feed them.


Durwin Keg


Cousin tells how he saves girl from shark attack

January 12, 2009 - 9:06AM

The man who saved a teenage girl from the jaws of a great white shark says the "monster" was "easily the length of a car".

Syb Mundy, 33, was surfing on Sunday afternoon with his 13-year-old cousin Hannah Mighall at Binalong Bay, near St Helens, in Tasmania's north-east, when a 5m white pointer latched onto her leg. The shark dragged the girl under the water twice before her cousin reached the scene on his surfboard.

"It took her under the water a couple of times and it was thrashing her around, but she kept her head together," Mr Mundy told Macquarie Radio.


Great White Shark Attack Australia"Once it let her go she was bleeding pretty bad. There was a lot of blood in the water." He paddled to her rescue and hit the shark on the head.

"I can remember seeing the eye come out of the water and the head and I was going to try and poke it in the eye if I could get close enough," Mr Mundy said. The shark let go of her leg but then it grabbed her surfboard, which was tethered to her ankle, before it let go for the last time, he said.


Great White Shark attacks swimmers

"I think it just didn't like the taste of her, to tell you the truth." Mr Mundy said they were up to 70m from the beach and saw an opportunity to get away from the shark. "Luckily a wave come along and she was on my back and I said, `Hannah please, this wave is going to save your life, don't let go'," he said.

"But the shark actually got on to the wave. We looked to our left and this thing started surfing towards us and we just headed straight to the beach." The shark continued to harass them until they made it on to the beach, he said. A doctor, who happened to be on hand, wrapped Hannah's leg in a towel until emergency crews arrived.

Fire Bay Binalong Bay TAS Australia - Site of Great White Shark Attack

Google Earth image of Binalong Bay Tasmania, Australia. Fire Bay beach inset

"It sort of circled us. We were paddling in and it was just circling us and coming up underneath us and she was really composed." Mr Mundy said hitting the shark on the head "was like hitting a brick wall - it was that dense". "I didn't have a tape to measure it but it was huge. It was easily the length of a car. " It was just a monster." The attack was the second such incident on Sunday.

Emergency services were called to Fingal Head, south of Tweed Heads, on the far north NSW coast, following reports a 31-year-old board rider had been attacked by a shark just before 9.30am (AEDT).

The man suffered a 40cm tear to his left thigh while surfing about 70 metres offshore.

He was flown to hospital in a stable condition.

Source: AAP

Retired San Diego animal doctor attacked & killed by Great White Shark!

Jawshark News....

Friday April 25th   Solan Beach, California USA~

Dr. David Martin killed by Great White Shark attack - Jawshark.comTragedy struck the community of Solana Beach in North County San Diego yesterday when Dr. David Martin a local retired veterinarian and member of the Triathalon Club of San Diego was attacked and killed by a large marine animal as he swam in the ocean with a group of nine of his club mates at approximately 7:10 am. The group was swimming roughly 150 yards (50 meters) off shore about a quarter mile north of Fletcher Cove near Tide Park.

No one else with Dr. Martin was attacked in the incident. Eyewitnesses say he was swimming somewhere near the rear and center of his swim club group as he was pulled violently down by something in the ocean. The ocean began to turn red before he reappeared and yelled out to the other swimmers for help.

      Dr. David Martin license photo California

Courageously the other swimmers stopped and helped him back to shore where local life guards tried desperately to save Dr. Martin's life. Dr. Martin died at approximately 7:49 am of shock & heart failure due directly to massive leg trauma resulting in a complete loss of blood from his body (exsanguination).

Retired shark expert Dr. Richard Rosenblatt was called to the scene to examine Dr. Martin and at 9am gave a press statement to local news reporters.

Dr. Rosenblatt stated that after examining his wounds and measuring the width of the bite area he concluded Dr. Martin was attacked by a Great White Shark measuring somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-15 feet (4-5 meters).

"The type of trauma this victim's legs sustained is consistent with that of a Great White Shark" he said.

Helicopters searched the area a few miles outward from the scene looking for the shark but none was found.

According to Scott Bass, who was on a long distance paddle nearby at the time of the attack, "While I was on my way back home during the paddle, a helicopter came crawling out of nowhere screaming over the ocean, ‘There has been a fatal shark attack in the area! Exit the ocean! There has been a fatal shark attack in the area. Exit the ocean!’”

According to Del Mar lifeguards, the victim’s legs were both shredded severely leaving a twenty two inch bite mark on his body. As a preventative measure, the coastal beaches of San Diego from Torrey Pines to South Carlsbad have been closed for the weekend.

“It’s pretty spooky,” says Bass. “The entire coast of San Diego from Del Mar to Encinitas is empty right now. It’s surreal.”


Dr David Martin after being attack by Great White on Solana Beach CA April 25 2008

Dr. David Martin on beach minutes after being mortally wounded by massive Great White Shark.

Local surfers in the area were warned not to enter the water but some promptly ignored the warnings.

Posted Saturday April 26th 2008  

Article composed by based on TV news reports and some commentary from

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dr. Martin's family and friends at this time.

Dr. David Martin running in a wet suit - Jawshark.comEditor's comments:

This story is very similar to another person killed off the coast of California in 2003, Deborah Franzman. She was also swimming right off the beach and was attacked in the same manner and died the exact same way as Dr. Martin. Great Whites aren't used to encountering people in the water so it's critical you do everything you can to not appear like food to them. Unfortunately for us we are large enough to be easily mistaken for their favorite food...seal and sea lion. Especially when wearing a dark wetsuit. A black wetsuit with red highlights just contributes to a potential mistaken attack as the shark may have thought Dr. Martin was already wounded. Who knows what was going through the shark's mind?

As I recall from the Franzman reports she was also dressed in a black wetsuit. As was another fatality in the 1980's...Omar Conger. There is no reason to believe these sharks are color blind. Someone should do a bit more research and design a wetsuit with less attractive colors for Great Whites. Maybe a coral pattern of canary yellow and neon orange instead of "pinniped" black with red highlights. On second thought chances are it would do no good, as most of these attacks come from below with the target silhouetted against the sky. The shark sees shape and not color at this point.

Also, it seems immediately after the attack the Great White realized Dr. Martin was not his usual prey. So he left him and the rest of them alone from further attack. A tragic but honest mistake on the sharks part it seems. Just another indication that Great Whites are NOT the mindless, relentless killers they have been portrayed as in the past. If that were so the news would of reported at least 6 of the 9 Triathalon Club members dead or wounded. Maybe all of them since they were out beyond the break.

What astonishes me is the fact that more people haven't been attacked since the last San Diego attack in 1994 of Michelle Von Emster. It is a known fact that these sharks migrate from San Francisco and the Farallon Island down to Guadalupe Island, Mexico and over to Hawaii. They cruise on the surface down to thousands of feet deep covering hundreds of miles over a period of weeks.  I wasn't surprised the San Diego helicopters didn't sight the shark. If he had taken Dr. Martin and actually consumed him, then I would be worried. That might be enough for the shark to stay for a few days. As it is the shark is more than likely moving on towards Catalina Island, Northern California or Mexico.


South African Surfer escapes Great White Shark attack with his life

Bonza Beach, South Africa Nov 2007

Lee Mellin - South African Surfer recovering from Great White Shark attack

Lee Mellin in hospital after being "taste tested" by large Great White. Thankfully he survived.

Lee Mellin, a South African surfer was recovering in hospital yesterday after being attacked by a Great White shark – just hours before the movie Jaws was being rebroadcast on national TV.

The Steven Spielberg movie Jaws is about a US resort being forced to close its beaches after a Great White attacks bathers.

The shark, believed to be a Great White, shattered Lee's surf board and left a 15-inch wound down his thigh in the attack at Bonza Bay.

“The doctor said I’m the luckiest shark attack victim he has ever seen and I definitely agree,” said Mellin, 37, pointing at his bandaged left thigh yesterday. 

Speaking from his hospital bed, Mellin said it was his “survivor’s instinct” that saved his life. 

He remained conscious throughout the attack and yesterday gave a vivid account of his encounter with the Great White – even though it all happened “within a split second”.

Mellin and his friend, Leigh Stolworthy, were riding the waves at about 8:45am on Saturday when they saw this “big fish” close by. 

“There was nothing we could do,” he said. “It just popped up between us.”

Although in pain and still counting his “lucky stars”, Mellin managed to joke and laugh about the attack:

“There was this massive white shark bursting out of the water, real Jaws-like …

“It obviously gave one look at Leigh thinking he didn’t have enough meat, so he went at me.

“It was a flippin’ big thing.

“ I was still on my board and it came for me.

“I just felt its jaws sinking in ...

Lee Mellin bite wound from Great White Shark attack

The leg of Lee Mellin after being punctured by large Great White off the coast of South Africa. Thankfully this shark didn't finish the bite because it's bottom row of teet contacted the board.

“I think the shark’s teeth got stuck in the surfboard. It then took another bite, but by then I let go of my board. 

“It just bit the board again.”

Mellin, son of retired newspaper photographer Rob Mellin, said he started to panic and remembered screaming and shouting at Stolworthy: “Help me!”

“It all happened in … seconds.

“Afterwards we got onto our boards and paddled back.

“I was worried it would come back and strike again, but Leigh kept assuring me that it was nowhere in sight.”

They rushed to the hospital where Mellin was taken into the operating room for stitches.

Mellin, who has been surfing most of his life, said it was simply a case of being at the “wrong place at the wrong time”.

Stolworthy said he was also “lucky to be alive”.

“It was really close,” he recalled. “I was looking at it all the time and thinking: This can’t be for real!”

Mellin’s surfboard was bitten in two and teeth marks left on the two parts were evidence of the size of the shark.

The two surfers think the shark was about 10 feet long, and Mellin reckoned the dorsal fin was about 16 inches tall.

Buffalo City marine services chief Siani Tinley said it was likely the shark was a Great White but tests on the teeth marks on the surfboard and Mellin’s wound would confirm the species.

Tinley added that the clean and cold seawater was conducive to Great White feeding conditions.

Bonza Bay, Nahoon and Gonubie beach were closed with shark warnings on Saturday, but re-opened after 8am yesterday.

Bonza Bay South Africa earth

Bonza Bay, South Africa

Both Mellin and Stolworthy told of seeing sharks before but they had never had a close encounter.

However, they agreed they will soon be back in the water – surfing, of course.

Bonza Bay South Africa

Bonza Bay, South Africa - Site of Great White Shark Attack

Article courtesy Underwater Times News Service


Older Great White Shark Attack News

Dolphins save surfer from becoming shark’s bait

Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2007

Todd Endris on Today Show - Jawshark.comSurfer Todd Endris needed a miracle. The shark — a monster great white that came out of nowhere — had hit him three times, peeling the skin off his back and mauling his right leg to the bone.

That’s when a pod of bottlenose dolphins intervened, forming a protective ring around Endris, allowing him to get to shore, where quick first aid provided by a friend saved his life.

                   Photo of Todd Endris on the Today morning show talking about his ordeal with a Great White Shark.

“Truly a miracle,” Endris told TODAY’s Natalie Morales on Thursday

The attack occurred at Marina State Park Monterey, Calif., where the 24-year-old owner of Monterey Aquarium Services had gone with friends for a day of surfing. Nearly four months later, Endris, who is still undergoing physical therapy to repair muscle damage suffered during the attack, is back in the water and on his board in the same spot where he almost lost his life.

The dolphins, which had been cavorting in the surf all along, showed up then. They circled him, keeping the shark at bay, and enabled Endris to get back on his board and catch a wave to the shore.

Our finned friends....No one knows why dolphins protect humans, but stories of the marine mammals rescuing humans go back to ancient Greece, according to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. Perhaps it's a natural altruistic impulse possessed by the waterborne mammals to try to protect and preserve another mammal's life.

A year ago in New Zealand, the group reports, four lifeguards were saved from sharks in the same way Endris was — by dolphins forming a protective ring.

First reported by By Mike Celizic - contributor and revised by me.

Hear the Todd Endris Great White Shark Attack story in it's entirety here.

I found this on YouTube and even though I have considered everything Carl says I don't think I have ever heard it put so eloquently. R.I.P. Carl....


Why don't White Sharks normally hunt humans? Because we don't live in the ocean.....

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