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Since 1791 there have been 40 recorded Great White attacks with 20 fatalities.

SINCE 2000

Name, Age


Location, Comments

Jarrod Stehbens, 23

Aug 2005

Mr. Stahbens was helping Adelaide University marine biology students to collect cuttlefish eggs for marine research off Glenelg when the attack occurred. Great White the suspect.

Geoffrey Brazier, 26

March 2005

Bitten in half by a six-metre (18ft) white pointer while snorkelling off the Abrolhos Islands, 60 km west of Geraldton.

Nick Peterson

December 17, 2004

The teenager fell from the surfboard when two great white sharks, both as long as five metres – attacked about 300 metres from the crowded beach.

Brad Smith, 30

July 2004

Killed after being attacked by two sharks (one a white) while surfing at Gracetown, about 270 km south-west of Perth.

Paul Buckland

May 2, 2002

Died from his wounds after being attacked by a 7m (22ft) white pointer while diving with a friend at Smokey Bay. (wearing a Shark POD no less)

Ken Crew, 49

November 6, 2000

Killed after being attacked by what witnesses say was a white pointer up to four metres (12ft) long off Cottesloe Beach.

Jevan Wright

September 25, 2000

Taken by a massive White Pointer while surfing at Blackfellows Point with his girlfriend's father and two other men near Elliston, South Australia.

Cameron Bayes

September 24, 2000

Disappeared in the ocean according to witnesses after being repeatedly attacked by a 15 foot white shark while surfing at Cactus Beach, West Coast Australia


Name, Age


Location, Comments

Tony Donoghue, 22

May 1999

Windsurfing when he went missing. Later parts of his shredded wet suit and damaged sailboard were recovered. Bite mark measurements indicate a white pointer.

Thomas & Eileen Lonergan*


Couple that were left in the middle of the ocean on a dive tour to Great Barrier Reef in Australia. They were never seen again. Whitey?

Not officially recorded as Great White fatalities...but added to this list because of the unusual circumstances involved. The movie Open Water was based on this couple.

David Alan Weir

Mon Sept 11 1995

Killed by a white pointer while diving for abalone on the South coast. Ironically, on this same day the Australian Seafood Industry Council launched it's bid to conserve the Great White shark.

Jonathan Lee

Sept 1991

Killed while diving off Aldinga Beach, south of Adelaide.


Name, Age


Location, Comments

Gary White

Dec 1989

Sitting on his surf board when a 20ft long White Pointer attacked from behind swallowing him and his board whole.

Terry Gibson

Sept 1987

Killed while diving for scallops near Marino Rocks off Adelaide's southern suburbs.

Shirley Ann Durdin

March 3, 1985

Peake Bay, West side of Eyre Peninsula. Eyewitnesses (including family) say Mrs Durdin was bitten in half and killed by an enormous white pointer while snorkeling in less than 10ft of water. I remember seeing this on  the news at the time.


Name, Age


Location, Comments

Swimmer (name, age unknown)


Swimmer bled to death after a great white shark bit off his leg


As I have done more and more research on Great White attacks in Australia I have become aware of many more people being fatally attacked than this list could even begin to cover. I was sure there were more but it turns out the list above is just the tip of the iceberg for Aussie Great White fatalities.

This fact became apparent to me after learning about Vic Hislop and his shark fishing efforts in Northern Australia. This guy is referred to as the "Australian Shark Man". And for good reason. He specializes in catching and killing man eating sharks. Specifically Tigers, Bulls, Makos and White Pointers.

Vic Hislop of Airlie Beach Australia - Jawshark.com

Vic Hislop of Airlie Beach Australia

Vic Hislop's Man Eater Great White Shark - Jawshark.com

This shark was an unofficial world record for Vic.

Human remains found inside a Great White Shark - Jawshark.com

Remains found inside a shark caught by Vic.

Read more incredible Vic Hislop stories and see the rest here - Great Site!

Map of Australia and location of Vic Hislop's Shark Show Shop. Click on the shop for full size.

Vic Hislop Great White Shark Shop Map Australia - Jawshark.com

If you or if you know ANYONE in Australia that has been attacked by a White Pointer and have some sort of proof (shreaded wetsuit, teeth ridden surf board, photos, videos....Jawshark would love to hear from you. I will tell your story on the home page of this site. It will later be moved to Shark Attack Articles. Thanks guys!


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