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shark bait - surfer sitting on surfboard

Looks like a Fur seal to me!

Boogey boarder looks like a seal photo

Yup...that's definitely a Elephant seal. Let's eat!





In 1963, while participating in a spear-fishing tournament off Aldinga Beach south of Adelaide, his home town, Rodney Fox was nearly bitten in half by a great white. The shark was estimated to have been about 9-10 feet long (450-500lbs). From the looks of these photos if it had been any larger he would have been done for. Held together by his wet suit, he was rushed to a hospital, where 462 stitches were required to sew him up. Rodney was back in the water less than three months afterward. Today he is regarded as one of the world's foremost authorities on the behaviour of the great white shark.                                  See Rodney's Australian Shark Tour website here.

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      After attack Rodney Fox shark attack photo 1 - graphic     Healing young Rodney Fox shark attack photo - scar Ready to go diving again! healed Rodney Fox shark attack photo




Barry Wilson shark attack coroner's photo

Lithograph picture of 17 year old Barry Wilson's right leg nearly severed. Barry has the distinction of being the first recorded shark fatality in California history.  December 7, 1952


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foot bitten by shark photo

Surfersvillage Global Surf News; June 22, 2005 -- SAN JOSE DEL CABO, MEXICO – Mexican naval authorities were patrolling the beaches along Baja California's southern tip after a shark bit a 34-year-old Colorado man, officials said Wednesday. The man was surfing Tuesday at San Luis beach, 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of San Jose del Cabo on the Gulf of California, when he felt something bite his left foot, emergency official Francisco Cota said. The man shouted to his friends, who helped him out of the water.

Cota said sharks have been seen in the region since April, but that municipal police officers stationed on the beach have begun warning visitors that they may be lurking in the area. Since the attack, other local officials have begun monitoring the area and warning people to stay out of the water. Naval officials have also started patrolling deeper waters just off the coast, searching for sharks.

Officials said they had no reports of sharks at the popular tourist beaches of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. However, authorities have warned people away from the beaches of San Luis, Santa Elena and Zacatitos, popular with residents of nearby areas as well as tourists interested in adventure excursions and water sports.

More Shark Attack Photos

Man's arm bitten by a shark

       Man's arm bitten by shark 1

Man's leg bitten off by shark attack - Jawshark.com

Both these guys appear to be dead. Otherwise they would be in surgery. Of course I am no doctor but when wounds like that look like something you see in a supermarket meat section it seems to me these guys have been bled out a long time ago.

Man's arm chewed up by shark attack

Weekly World News - Shark bites man in half bs

Dry this one out we can fertilize the back yard with it. Still, it would definitely get my attention at the check out counter.

Here are some photos of one lucky surfer named Peck Euwer from Santa Barbara California.

On Friday Sept 29 2004 at around 9 am, Euwer was paddling in 45 feet of water at Maverick's near Half Moon Bay California when a great white shark attacked the board with Euwer on it.

Euwer was knocked over the nose and head of the shark as the animal bit down on his surfboard. The shark disappeared below the surface and Euwer began his nightmare paddle back to shore. Thankfully he managed to reach land without the shark trying again.

Peck Euwer showing Great White bite mark on his board - Jawshark.com

One lucky dude....

Peck Euwer showing Great White bite mark on his board 1 - Jawshark.com


         Great White Shark breaching attack South Africa - Jawshark.com              Great White Shark breaching water Dyer Island - Jawshark.com

Great whites are well documented seal and sea lion hunters. The sharks hunt from the depths stalking them from blind angles to take the pinnipeds by surprise. Apparently this is a very effective method as the Great Whites are often successful in their attacks. Seldom does the seal escape once being bitten by the powerful fish. The sharks are well aware of the potential for injury from a large seal's teeth. They instinctively know that they must disable or kill their meal quickly. Once the shark get an opportunity it rockets to the surface with all it's strength and "breaches" the surface with the seal in it's jaws. The shark then slams the seal down on the water's surface from a considerable height with a down force that completely stuns the surprised animal. Intending to have knocked the seal unconscious, the shark swallows the disabling bite, then circles the victim waiting for it to die from drowning or massive arterial  hemorrhage.

Seal pup narrowly escapes Great White Shark bite - Jawshark.com

Swim for your life little one! Every now and again the Great White will miss it's intended target. After all, these little seal pups weren't born just to be shark food. Like all creatures, they want to live. Once a seal pup survives an experience like the one depicted in the photo above they become much more adept at evading the great sharks. This is something that is learned through luck and just plain swimming for their lives. Once a pup goes through this unscathed it is much more likely to avoid exposing itself to attack. No more swimming on the surface in deeper waters. And the seal is a far better at evasive swimming than the shark is at pursuit but that's only if the seal sees the shark first. : )

Big seal with huge bite wound from Great White Shark - Jawshark.com  Poor dying Earless Seal - "hit" by large shark.    Big seal with huge bite wound with man showing size of bite - Jawshark.com

                                                                      Dead Cape Fur Seal from a single Great White bite.                                                                                                Somehow the shark was denied it's meal. The seal may have swam                                                                                 to safety before expiring on the beach from loss of blood.




Some video links I found to be very interesting....


The jaws that made the Great White shark famous


Great Whites eating a dead whale carcass off Seal Island, South Africa

  Idiot sitting on whale carcass while great whites eat off of it - Jawshark.com

This guy is very lucky this carcass didn't roll over on him....another potential Darwin Award.

Video of Great White Sharks in South Africa engaged in "breaching" attacks on seals (right)

TWO Great Whites attack youth surfer in South Africa. Caught on video!



Bull shark attack on human wading in surf. This man appears to have been doing some kind of test on these sharks. Well it looks like he got his "empirical" data........His calf is completely gone!



Aussie diver survives shark attack off coast



Great White Shark attack down at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico


Great White Shark attack off the coast of California


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